The Mac Donald Hello Kitty Craze in Singapore~

World War K

Finally World War K is ended

Yes, The Singing bone Hello Kitty (I call it the Blackie) is sold out island wide before the stores open

I would want to congratz to those who manage to get Blackie thus complete their Fairy Tale Hello Kitty collection and earning a profit out of it

Those who didn’t manage to get it, I’m sorry to hear that and the only way out is to get it off bidding webby like eBay or Singapore Mac Donald Facebook site for a steep price.

Here’s the scene from various outlet last night


I heard the queue started at 8.30pm for the 24 hours outlet where you can start buying at 12am sharp
For the non-24 hours outlet, can you imagine it started at 10.30pm!!!
Which means you have to queue for like an average of 7-8 hours


This is taken at the Airport Terminal 3 outlet
Wanted to queue one Blackie for my sister, considering airport might have a shorter queue and who knows everyone flooded over here too. ==

The Mac Donald Manager starts to give out Hello Kitty Coupon to those who are queuing so as to keep track for the number of blackie left over.

Kitty Coupon

The management did a good job by giving out this coupon, so that incoming people coming to queue for Blackie won’t have queue for hours and in the end found out it’s sold out. Another thing will be to control the crowd outside the outlet so that it won’t be over flooding with too many people blocking the passage way and causing an inconvenience to the people staying in the neighborhood
Mac Management you made a good move for this.

The moment I woke up in the morning, my phone was full of message of friends and relative asking me if I managed to get Blackie and whether I have any spare for them. >.<

Here’s what happening on facebook on Hello Kitty:-

Kitty Notice

Fake notice about reporting people who resell Kitty on the black market

28 Kitty

Someone manage to get their hand on like 28 Blackie and selling it.

Ebay - Kitty Ebay - Kitty2

People trying to sell Kitty on eBay and got unrealistic bidding price by angry kitty fan who can’t get their hand on Blackie.
This is like so funny, I was laughing away watching the bid closing at $126K for a Blackie.

There’s many complain I’ve seen on facebook or forum about Mac Donald management not doing a good job when come to handling this Hello Kitty Plushies like allowing people to over buy the plushies and resell and thus causing many collector not able to collect.

In my personal opinion, Mac Donald is running a business here. They have the rights to sell to anyone who have the cash to buy anything as much from them as long they can supply what that person needs.

They can’t possibly stop someone who has the cash to patronize their store and say hey I can’t sell you, you’ve bought too many. I believe for Mac Donald, they value every customer. Well we can’t satisfy everyone in this world but to do our best.

The next best effort they did was to limit Blackie to 4 pieces per person as compare to the previous past 5 Kitty which is no limit as it’s not limited edition.
Creating a Kitty queue so that those who want to have a meal don’t have to queue so long to fill their empty tummy.

Hope people do think everything through before complaining about it.

Wish you guys are able to get your Blackie at a good price if you can’t manage to get it at the outlet~
Have a good kitty day ahead!

Sign off~


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